Authenticity Guarantee

Our Authenticity Guarantee Policy

We guarantee that all our items of hand signed memorabilia are 100% genuine authentic and hand signed by the named signatories.

Once we have authenticated the item using our unique 6 step process we issue a COA which contains a unique serial number, an anti-tamper holographic security sticker bearing the unique serial number is affix to the rear of the item.

If this holographic sticker has been tampered with, damaged/attempted removal or the signed item/display has been tampered with, altered, damaged or changed in any way or if the item was purchased framed and the frame and the frame seal has been removed, damaged or opened in any way then the authenticity guarantee is deemed void with no exceptions. If the item is damaged in anyway and not in condition it was sold by us in the authenticity guarantee is void, the guarantee only applies to the original purchaser, it cannot be transferred, therefore the guarantee becomes void if the item is resold.

If you think that the item you have purchased is not authentic or hand signed by the named signatories you are required at your cost to get written proof from three authenticity experts, one of which will be your choice, one will be our choice and the third will be our authenticity expert who authenticated the item originally, we will then take the majority decision on whether the item is deemed authentic or not, if two out of three say it is authentic then a refund will not be given, if two out of three deem it to be non-authentic then we will issue a refund, our decision is final and cannot be appealed.

By purchasing from the Autographication website, eBay store or any other medium you agree to these terms and conditions without any exceptions.